Want Help For 3rd Degree Burn Scars

I want to ask for some helps. A good friend of mine, her daughter got third degree burns, from her chin down to her chest. I can see scars all over after the surgery of skins grafting. I wanna know if it is possible to remove all the scars by doing some kinds of plastic surgery (I heard of Laser treatment recently) to make the´╗┐ skins smooth like before she got burnt or at least make it less obvious???? she is only 8yrs old, what a poor little baby. Thanks

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Skin grafting scars are very difficult to improve

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The scars left from deep burns and their treatment with excision and skin grafts are the most difficult of any scars to improve. The problem is the skin grafts are not normal skin and do not respond well to any known form of scar treatment. While eventually the skin grafts scars may be able to be lessened with modified forms of laser resurfacing, there is no completely satisfactory outcome that can be achieved with this scar problem. Her more pressing problem, particularly at this young age and with the burns and grafts extending down from the chin to her chest, will be scar contracture. This is a scar tightening problem that commonly occurs with this type of burn scar in the neck.

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