Deep Pitted Scar on Chin What is the Best Method of Surgery? (photo)

Hello i need some advice on cosmetic surgery I have a deep scar on my chin from an accident that happend 10 years ago. In the past year my skin has moved and it has become more deep and noticeable and i have become really conscious about it. I decided to book a consultation at a private cosmetic clinic and they recommended me to have 3 derma stamp treatments and juvaderm filler. Ive had my two derma stamp treatments it looks smoother but more noticeable. What would best to get rid of this scar??

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Improving a chin scar with subcision and surgical scar revision

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This deep scar on your chin may be improved with subcision or surgical scar revision. 

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Deep pitted scar on chin

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There are a variety of reasons for a scar to be conspicuous. Three major reasons are due to the color, contour, and orientation. The color and orientation of the scar are favorable in your case, but the contour is depressed.

In my estimation, I don't believe that dermabrasion, dermastamp, subcision, or filler treatments will be a good long-term solution for you. I believe that you could get a very favorable result from an in-office scar revision. The scar is essentially cut out under local anesthesia and then meticulously closed. The closure would include eversion of the wound so that at first it may looked too "heaped up" but this is done because with time, scars tend to flatten. Therefore a repair that is flat and looks great right after the injury has a tendency to heal depressed.

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Michael M. Kim, MD
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Treatment for depressed scar

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For a sunken in scar, I would consider subcision to free it up underneath and raise it.  I would also consider use of fillers to restore lost volume and raise the scar up to a more natural level.  Oftentimes I do a bit of subcision with the needle while I am injecting the filler.  I would consider a filler before something more invasive like a scar revision.

Richard Ort, MD
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Facial scar revision

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Scars are noticeable for several reasons.  In your case, it is noticeable because it is depressed.  You will likely need to have a scar revision performed.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can best assist you in minimizing this appearance.

Kimberly Lee, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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