What is the best laser treatment for acne skin beside Fraxel/CO2 laser for medium tan skin?

I'm 32 I have most of my acne scar on my cheeks. I have very little icepick scars, most are Boxcar scars and some Hyper-pigmentation. I was told is not good to do Fraxel laser due to my color skin. They recommended Elos Plus http://syneron-candela.com/na/product/elos-plus. I wanted to make sure if this would be the best available if Fraxel is not the best option.

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Sublative RF Fractionated on Elos Plus by Candela for acne scars

Acne scars are a common complaint and can be treated with Elos Plus Sublative RF on most skin types.  Multiple treatments are necessary and at our practice we recommend three to four spaced four to six weeks apart.  

What makes the sublative fractional RF different is that it treats most skin types safely yet is still deep enough to affect positive change on acne scars, including tightening the skin.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.

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