Dark Circles Treatment Safe with Under Eye with Veins?

I have dark circles under my eyes from hollowness & veins. Help!

I am 29 & have dark circles under my eyes.These seem to be caused by my deep set eyes resulting in a hollow under-eye look I also have a couple of prominent bluish veins under my eyes.

I've heard Restylane might help. However, I'm worried about bruising from the injection as I can't take more than 2 days off work. Is bruising common? Also, would it be suitable even though I have under eye veins too? Thank You!

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Eyelid veins and hollow eyes

Restylane may temporarily alleviate the hollowness but will do nothing for the veins. There may be some laser that works for this but I am unaware of it. Injections to sclerose these veins are dangerous as they can cause blindness. In my experience these veins are best tied off under direct vision at the time of blepharoplasty.

The hollowness is a separate issue and the question that needs to be answered first are what contributions the bone around the eye vs. the soft tissue over the bone contributes to the hollowness. I personally am not a fan of injections around the eyes or eyelids. I prefer fat grafts for padding and implants for building up bone projection as needed.

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Under eye Restylane is great

Hello Kitty,

Under eye restylane is great. The veins can be avoided. However, it is generally not the veins that you can see. These can be avoided. It is the veins that you can't see that are an issue. Bruising can generally be managed by avoiding herbal products and medicines like aspirin and motrin. The risk of brusing is small. However, if you actually bruise it can be present for much longer than two days. They can last up to two weeks. So have a good story so your co-works don't think you were smacked by your spouse!

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