Dark Circles Around my Eyes, What Can Be Done to Permanently Remove Them?

i been suffering with dark circles around my eyes and below my eyebrows, its very depressing, im never happy because the dark circles all around my eyes is disfiguring my complexion making me look very unattractive. i have light brown skin and the dark circles is hereditary and i have went to several dermatologists and they all tell me they cant do anything because its natural discoloration of the skin and the skin there is too thin. What can be done? I live in las vegas,. nevada.

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It is important to understand the there is no treatment that removes dark circles.

There are no lasers, creams or surgery that helps these issues.  Do not waste a lot of time and money searching for a solution.  There are somethings that can be done to make the circles less apparent.  These are worth exploring including BOTOX to lift the brows and judicious placement of under eye fillers.

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