How Do I Cure an Uneven Skin Tone?

I have light brown spots on my brown skin. The spots remain on my chest and neck. I'm starting to notice it on my face a little. I'm worried that it'll spread all over my body and leave noticable discoloration. What cream do I use to turn those light brown spots into my normal brown skin? If this is normal, which my mom told me, will it pass? I don't want to have different skin tone spots on my body, it looks weird. Please don't tell me Meladerm. I just wanna get rid of my spots. PLEASE HELP.

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Dark spots on skin

you should see a board certified dermatologist to determine if this is pigmentation or another type of discoloration disorder such as tinea versicolor, allergic reaction, eczema, sun reaction, connective tissue disorder, systemic disorder, etc. There may be many causes and only a few are related to pigment. so not all dark spots are pigment disorders. sometimes a biopsy is needed.

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