Best Cream to Conceal White Spots on Dark Skin?

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Best cream to conseal white spots on dark skin

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Actually it depends on what the white spots are, because there are treatments available for a variety of conditions that leave lighter spots on the skin.  So if the lesions are treatable, the treatment will diminish them.

The three conditions that cause white or light spots on dark skin most often are vitiligo, seborrheic dermatitis (facial) and post-inflammatory hypopigmentation.

There isn't much to do about post-inflammatory hypopigmentation.  It will either improve with time or not.  So a consealer is certainly an option here.  My favorite is Dermablend.  Dermablend can be matched very closely to your skin tone and can be applied in a waterproof manner.

For vitiligo, treatment of the disorder and a consealer can be used concurrently.

For seborrheic dermatitis, when it is under control, the white spots disappear

I recommend having your spots looked at by a dermatologist to determine what the cause is.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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