18 years old, 5'5, & 195lbs; what could help me lose weight?

Hi, I'm Faith. I'm 18, 5'5 & sadly at a weight of 195 pounds. & Yes, you're about to hear all the stereotypical responses. I exercise 3 hours a day, my eating habits have decreased and I still, for God's sake, can not lose the weight. So I'm just gonna cut to the chase. One of my last options are to take weight loss pills. I'd there any reasonable and acceptable pill I could take? Something that could definitely help me ? Please get back to me asap. Thank you!

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What can you do to help you lose weight

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Thank you for reaching out for help and understanding that you need more than just exercise and probably self-designed diets. While there are medications approved for weight loss by either making you less hungry or affecting the absorptions of fats, the reality is they only work well long-term when used in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise. You are exercising 3 hours a day, which is too much. Your exercise will only be good if you increase your heart rate to at least twice your baseline heart rate for about 20 minutes, to where it is difficult for you to engage in a conversation and break up a sweat. There are alternatives to you with doctor-supervised diets. In addition, your BMI is 32, thus there are non-surgical alternatives to you, such as an intragastric balloon. I hope this is helpful to you and best of luck

What can help me lose weight?

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Hi Faith. 

It sure is hard to lose weight. There are some very good weight loss medications that target the addiction centers of the brain.  These should be prescribed by a board certified physician who will follow you closely. Remember that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. There are foods to avoid because they will keep your desire for fat/ sugar and salt going if you don't stop them. (Bread, Pasta, Corn, Potatoes). Also, heavy sauces and even diet soda can cause you to still seek out those cravings.  The diet you chose should become your way of life and not just a short-term thing. Regular meals with protein, greens and fruit is essential.  The Isagenix plan is a cleansing program that will get rid of your cravings and help you to eat better in the long run. Increasing your exercise to 5 x a week with 2 days of High intensity Interval training will help a lot. Weight loss takes time to make changes that will last you a lifetime. In the end the goal is to be healthy and avoid chronic conditions that come from being overweight. Visit with a physician that will follow you through your journey. This is what we do in my office.

Christine Eros, MD
San Diego Family Physician
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Losing weight

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Losing weight is not easy for most people who are overweight. A lot depends on you and your   personality type, lifestyle, metabolism, and attitude. If you want to learn how to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life, you should do a program that encompasses all these aspects. Three main aspects for losing weight are eating right, exercising adequately, and getting support regularly. A restricted diet is necessary, such as < 1000 cals/day. Limit carbs such as sweets, breads, pastas; make sure you eat enough protein, at least 50 gm/day; eat lots of vegetables and some low glycemic fruits; some nuts and oils, such as olive oil.  Exercise regularly, every day if you can, with good vigorous activities. See a diet counselor or physician at least every other week; if you have a support person, use them. For further information on my plan, The True Diet, go to my website (see link below). I also utilize methods to change your metabolism, to make sure hormones are optimized, to lower inflammation, and much more. It’s not just calories in should be less than calories out. Good Luck.

Weight Loss

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Thank you for your question, The FDA has approved some medications that help with weight loss if your BMI is at least 27 or higher. The medication that have been around for a while are phentermine. We use this medication as well as Phendimetrazine these medications have the best results when coupled with a clinician monitored nutrition and exercise plan, as well as some vitamin injections with B-12 and 3 amino acids to help with energy and to burn fat in the belly butt and thighs. It is always better to be on a weight loss program, this holds you accountable every week for weigh in, and for tips as well as just all around support/counseling. If you feel like you can not afford a physician monitored program, try and tell your family and friends that you are doing this and you may need their help to stay on track. I hope this has helped you in some way, stay positive you are doing a great job just by reaching out and asking a professional. 
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