Will braces be enough or do I need surgery to correct my overbite and TMJ? (photos)

I have a deep bite. the oms who removed my wisdom teeth diagnosed me w/degenerative arthritis in both jaws. he said that at 17, I had the jaw of a 50yr old. he referred me to an orthodontist who said I would need braces for 2 yrs then go in&break my jaw&install implants. that was 6 yrs ago&I never did anything about it. Lately I have had excessive jaw pain&I am worried my arthritis has gotten worse. Will braces be enough to correct this or will I need the implants or orthognatic surgery?

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TMJ Treatement

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Braces will not be enough to correct a TMJ Dysfunction problem. Your upper and lower dental arches are severely underdeveloped. You more than likely also have a sleep breathing problem, or will have given time. 

You need to develop your dental arches and eliminate your deep overbite and probably bring your lower jaw forward. This can all be accomplished with removable dental appliances. 

You need to find a dentist who understands the relationship between teeth, faces, airways and TMJ's. This is not your typical dentist or orthodontist. Keep looking until you find a doctor who can comfortably and confidently talk to you about how moving teeth will affect your face, your jaw joints and your airway. 

Look for a doctor who understands epigenetic orthodontics. 

Good luck!

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