Incision won't heal 3 months post surgery. What is wrong? (Photo)

I had problem with fluid build up 6 weeks after surgery. Now 3 months later, the incision open up again and there is discharge. What is wrong?

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Non healing

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Obviously you need to be seen and evaluated but you could be "spitting" deep sutures. Please go back to your surgeon and have him evalauate the wound and begin appropriate treatment. Dr. Corbin

Sutures spitting

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Based on the picture I'd say you had some deep long acting absorbable sutures that are trying to work themselves out.  Hopefully the issue will resolve itself either with the sutures coming out on their own or dissolving.

Open Wound- 3 months post op

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Having an open wound 3 months post op is certainly not the norm.
If you had a seroma post op and the wound is now open, the wound may need to be excised and re-closed.
Please see your PS.

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Perhaps retained sutures?

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It is difficult to tell exactly where this wound is located but what you describe is certainly abnormal. This course and appearance could be caused by retained sutures (either non-absorbable or absorbable that have not disappeared in the usual manner.) You should return to your original surgeon to have this evaluated.

Barry Press, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

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