Chin Augmentation and Bioalcamid

I am considering chin augmentation but almost 5 years ago I had bioalcamid in my lips. After I had it done I heard a lot of horror stories about bioalcamid but so far I had no problems with it. My questions are: is it possible that bioalcamid could get infected during the chin augmentation procedure? I had the minimum amount of bioalcamid so is it possible to remove it without too much trauma and good results? Is it wiser not to touch it unless it makes me problems? Thank you!

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Chin Augmentation and Bioalcamid

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 If you've not had any problems with the Bio alcamid in the lips that's great but you might.  I've had excperience removing Bio Alcamid from the lips and face and would not recommend using this material again anywhere, nor any other permenent filler.  For Chin Augmentation, Chin Implants are the best approach IMHO.  Hope this helps.

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