Which Chemical Peel Should I Use For Red Marks Post-Acne? (photo)

Im an Indian male that is 18 years old with a darker skin tone. I have red acne marks from previous acne and every pimple seems to leave a red mark. I debating whether i should get a 35% glycolic acid peel, a 25% TCA peel or a 20% salicylic acid peel. I still get acne here and there but I want to get rid of the red marks left from acne. Since I have darker complexion, how can I prevent Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation?

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In our practice and I’m sure every practice has their own way of treating acne scars. We have laser treatments and or a mini facelift to stretch out the skin. We have Profractional laser treatment and micro laser peels. Those procedures will improve your acne scars dramatically.


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Red marks after Acne Scarring

The red marks after scarring take a long time to go away and some times they are more permanent. Really you may need some more reconstructive type of things done. I would suggest a multi layered approach including co2 resurfacing or some type of resurfacing and some work from the deeper layers.

Philip Young, MD
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Red acne scars need laser not chemical peel

All scars are red to start with and as they mature, tend to lighten. One can speed up the process by using sunscreen and limiting sun exposure. A vascular laser can also help lighten the redness.

Brian Maloney, MD, FACS
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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