How long does it take to stretch out your sleeve and can you recommend a good diet routine for me?

I have lost about 53 lbs and get discouraged because I can weigh myself one day and then be up four pounds the very next day. I fear that I'm going to stretch my pouch out all the time but I've never eaten till I was sick.

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Ask your surgeon

Most, if not all bariatric surgery programs provide ongoing dietary support. Contact your surgeon and they should be able to hook you up with a nutritionist. This is not something you should have to do on your own.

Jersey City OB/GYN
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Weight variability

Don't worry. You'll stretch your sleeve enough over time. Key is to continue to restrict your diet, do a caveman type diet, and exercise. You'll maintain your weight loss better over time if you do this.

Robert L. True, MD
Grapevine OB/GYN
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