Concerned About This Discoloration Between My Breasts?

Age 21, no breast pain, no lumps. My nipple is inverted sometimes, but return to normal when stimulated. The skin between my breasts is slightly black. Reasons?

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Two issues are probably not related

I believe that you may have two separate issues that you are presenting here.  I would not necessarily make a connection between the two.  As far as the nipple asymmetry, this could be a variant of normal.  It is unlikely related to underlying breast disease, but you should consult your GYN physician and get an opinion.  As far as the pigmentation on your chest, this needs to be evaluated by a dermatologist.  Depending on the history and physical findings, blood tests and a small skin biopsy may be indicated.  Bottom line, see a GYN physician and a dermatologist for complete evaluation.


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