Puffy, Tired Eyes; What Are My Options? (photo)

I have recently noticed my eyes look tired all the time, I use creams and even preparation H to see If it helps ;( what can I do to resolve my problem, I want something long term? And how much would this procedure cost me?

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Best Treatment for Puffy, Tired Eyes in a Beautfiul Woman

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Hi Sally,

I would recommend filling your lower eyelid hollow with Restylane injected with a canulla.  It is surprising how long this treatment can last.  If you were not satisfied with the results, then I would recommend trans-conjunctival blepharoplasty to remove a conservative amount of lower eyelid fat.  Most importantly, choose your physician most carefully for your beautiful face.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Puffy, tired eyes

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Puffiness under the eyes that comes and goes can be the result of water retention. Start by reducing your salt intake—and take a good look at the skin products you’re using around your eyes. Gels have a high water content, which might be contributing to the puffiness. Your best bet might be to use lightweight creams or serums, which absorb quickly. If your puffiness doesn’t go away, don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment; there might be another cause of the puffiness that can easily be treated in office.

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