41 Year White Old Male with Persistent Back Acne?

Back acne since age 12, got considerably worse in early 20's and gradual improvement since. Acne is small red bumps and some white heads. Scratching a bump usually releases a sesame seed like mass. Routine: -morning Tersaseptic with back brush for 1 minute -Aveeno astrigent before bed -alternating night application of Clindamycin gel and 10% alpha hydroxy lotion -soap and water after workouts -Minocycline for 1 month followed by 2 months off Dark, oily skin tone. What else could I try?

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Back acne treatment

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You need a great board certified dermatologist to help you.  My adult male patients with back acne, (and female), I treat either with isotretinoin, or long term oral antibiotics and chemical peels and injections, as well as topical washes and creams.  There are lots of things to do in order to get the backne under control. 

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