Buttock Implants and Hip Widening for Woman with Masculine Physique

I am a female in mid 20's with broad shoulders much wider than my hips and a "V" shaped torso seen mostly in males. I have a naturally athletic build however have incredibly flat buttocks, so flat that I don't even have creases beneath the butt cheeks. I also have narrow hips. I would like to know what cosmetic procedure can help me achieve fuller buttocks and hips? I am very lean and do not have excess fat so injectible fat is not an option and I have difficulty gaining weight. Kind regards.

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Buttock implants for narrow butt

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Given  your location in London, I am not aware if Macrolane (currently used as a filler for non-implant breast augementation) is an option.  Buttock implants with a wide base may help to increase the width of the buttocks.

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Buttock implants

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I think you have answered your own question as the heading of your post is -buttock implants...

Your only other option is an injectable filler to the buttocks but the current fillers are too expensive to be used in this fashion.

Aaron Stone, MD
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