How can I break up scar tissue and adhesions in my face post parotidectomy? (photo)

I am 3 months post parotidectomy for a pleomorphic adenoma. I had developed a seroma/sialocele 1 week post-op, and had needle aspirations and wore a pressure dressing for just over a week. I now have scar tissue and skin adhesions around the whole area in front of my ear and along my jawline. The area appears corrugated and is very hard. As bad as it looks, it feels even worse, incredibly uncomfortable. My surgeon said he has never seen anything like this, which greatly concerns me.

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How can I break up scar tissue and adhesions in my face post parotidectomy?

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I am surprised that the contour hasn't settled down in three months. I've found both massage and professionally-performed lymphatic drainage massage to be very helpful for this type of problem. I recommend that you discuss this with your surgeon to see if they have any objections to this approach. The good news - in the vast majority of cases, this will improve with time.

Reducing scar tissue on the face after parotidectomy

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A scar tissue protocol will help improve your scars. Our office specializes in revision scar treatment to improve facial scars. 

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

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