Why Are Bodysculpting Before/after Pictures So Mediocre?

Is it possible to look like anything remotely resembling the images on the brochures for the procedure? 

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Before and After pictures

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Every person's body is different and there are several components to the results that can be obtained - your bone structure, your tissue quantity, your skin quality, etc.  It really is a disservice to patients to imply in any way that they will look like someone else's before and after picture.  Before and After pictures, however, are good tools to use when talking with patients to discuss variations in anatomy and certain possibilities for surgery.  


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Lost skin elasticity makes for mediocre results

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Your question would have been stronger with an example of what you mean.  However, please understand that body sculpting especially after massive weight loss will never be perfect because the elasticity of the skin is forever destroyed by the weight gain and loss.  So even though there is improvement, the skin will never be as tight as you might think and there will be scars.  The same is true for liposuction because regardless of the technique used, the result still depends on your skin elasticity and if it isn't great (<10% are in my experience), the result will be less than perfect.

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