Big Ingrown Hair Infection on Left Armpit - How Do I Remove It?

3-4 years ago I got a big infection on my left armpit. The pimple is about 15mm in diameter and 5mm thick. I stopped plucking around the affected area since 6months now. However, the zit get infected and balloons up and down without real reason. I saw a doctor about 2 yrs ago who gave me antibiotics, but the zit came back again. When i apply pressure on the zit, i can feel it pulling onto my vein along my arm to my elbow. I thought of getting it cut or have a laser hair removal? Any suggestions?

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Chronic In-Grown Hair Infections

Your history of recurring ingrown hair infection is very suggestive of Hydadenitis Supporativa. This chronic and slowly spreading infection may be treated with antibiotics initially but once it becomes more extensive requires surgical removal of the infected hair follicles and accompanying tunnels. You are advised to consult an experienced Plastic surgeon or dermatologist. 

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Cyst in the underarm

Surgery is probably the only option in removing the cyst. There are risks with all surgical procedures so you should discuss this in detail with a surgeon, especially since you feel a nerve is involved between there and the elbow.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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