How to remove these acne scars? (Photo)

Pls name some drugs which are beneficial for them i bought them

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Skin type IV and acne scars are a challenge

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You are a great candidate to have your acne scars and active acne handled by an experienced, board certified dermatologist. First, I would concentrate on the medical improvement of your acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I would utilize retinoids and theraplex peels since you are skin type IV. Then, when new breakouts were a rarity, I would concentrate on the pitted and rolled acne scars doing TCA CROSS, Fraxel 1550 in a series. Vigilant use of SPF is mandatory and i would do the resurfacing only in winter months. Good luck.

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Acne scars and active acne

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By the look of your picture I would say you are a great candidate for chemical peels.  Safe for any skin type, multiple treatments of the VI peel would help your acne scars as well as your active acne.  In addition, microneedling would be a good option.

Laser therapy for acne scars in the form of CO2 like a CO2RE by Syneron-Candela could be helpful in lighter skin tones.  For acne with a reddish color I suggest Vbeam and for scars with brown pigment the Alexandrite q-switched laser helps improve the color.   In rare cases laser hair removal helps with acne due to the hair follicle getting congested with sebum which creates more issues with acne.

If you didn't have downtime for a couple of sessions of VI peel then three to six vitalize peels by Skin Medica would be helpful.  Since you still have some breakouts I would recommend bi-weekly acne facials with our medical aesthetician.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.

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