How can I treat my post hyper pigmentation/ acne scars/ acne? (Photo)

My uneven skin started to leave red marks/ ice picks about a year ago when i was taking tetracycle after about 4 months, i feel the reason why is that i wasnt using sun protection ( ill informed by my gp ) .simply, im looking for some advice any possible treatments. Please dont suggest a particular laser because its the only one u have in your practice. Honest suggestions that truely wont ruin my skin any further?

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Options for facial acne scars

I would use a combination of Ematrix RF combined with light chemical peels and pulsed dye laser to help even out the redness on the skin. Often, I find it useful to use a silicone scar gel such as Plato's Scar Serum to smooth out the scars. 

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Red marks from acne and hyperpigmentation

The redness would best be treated by the V-Beam and the hyperpigmentation with a combination of chemical peels and hydroquinone.  It will take several months to get improvement of this damage.  Best, Dr. Green

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