It Has Been 10 Weeks Since my Bi-lateral Mastectomy. I Have Developed a Seroma, and the Draining Pockets Are Not Absorbing?

The surgeon says it will just take time. How long should this take to have the drainage absorbed by the bpdy??

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Seroma after mastectomy surgery

Seromas happen 100% of the time as the raw surfaces leak fluid until they fuse and stick down during the healing process. Sometimes this is a fast process and drains can be taken out in 1-2 weeks. Sometimes it takes longer. The fluid is not dangerous and the body will eventually resorb it. Drains can be placed again if needed to wick away fluid as it is produced so that the surfaces can stick more efficiently if seromas return. 

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Should I still have drainage 10 weeks after bilateral mastectomies?

My first question is did you have breast reconstruction?  If not I would like to know whether a referral to a plastic surgeon was offered.  If you have an implant based reconstruction then you should have you drains out by now.  If you have a reconstruction with your own tissue you should have your drains out by now.  If you just had mastecomies and you have pockets that are not collapsed and have developed a seroma then the drainage will continue.  This is especially the case if the drain is not in the space of the fluid or if there are separate pockets of fluid or loculations of fluid.  This can be seen on ultrasound.

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