Can anyone recommend some acne scar specialists in Massachusetts and Maryland?

I live mostly in Massachusetts and sometimes in Baltimore. I am Asian. I have Icepick, boxcar, rolling and hard scar tissues from cystic acne. I have consulted several doctors in the Boston area but they all provide fraxel only. And I don't think just fraxel can give a satisfactory improvement. Also my Asian skin may not be a good fit for that. Thank you very much!

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​Maryland and Massachusetts acne scar specialists

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Maryland and Massachusetts acne scar specialists and where to find them. If you're not finding someone in Maryland or Massachusetts you may consider traveling abroad or outside of your area. Finding someone with techniques to fix acne can be difficult. Acne scarring is a challenging disease process and it requires some complex approaches. I have heard many times a fraxel does not work by so many patients. Acne scarring is a multi-layered process and needs to be treated with a multi-layered approach. We have a five to seven step technique that treats all types of acne scars and it's all done in one treatment and we do it in about 2 hours. We are getting real results.

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Asian Skin and Lasers for Scars

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You are quite correct and I would not treat your skin with Fraxel. You would be a good candidate for the eMatrix laser which will help heal the scars and can be used on your skin type.  Please consult an expert in Asian skin and scars.  Best, Dr. Green

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