Combination of rolling/pitted/tethered acne scars (27 y/o). Any suggestions? (photos)

I have provided 2 pictures (with makeup because the rolling scars can't be seen without). I recently got profractional spot tx (2 months ago) on the areas highlighted. The bottom half of my face did not have rolling scars prior. There are pin point holes outlining areas of my face and creating rolling effects now. The rolling scars disappear when I pull my face up (but tiny marks remain). Trying to figure out best options moving forward. Is infini RF a possible solution, or a face lift now?

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Micro needling RF and then subcision and dermal filler for scars.

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Firstly if there is active acne, get this under control, secondly I do recommend a combination of treatments to help reduce scars- this includes micro needling RF, then fillers (Juvederm or Bellafill) plus subcision for stubborn scars. 

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Dr Davin Lim 
Laser Dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia. 

Rolling scars and treatment NYC

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I would suggest you look into Fraxel, EMatrix, or PRP with Microneedling. I I would like to treat the rest of your face to maximize the good cosmetic results that you had for the spot treatments. Best, Dr. Green

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