What's Up with These Bald Spots on my Lower Legs? (photo)

Hi, I'm a 30 year old man with hairy legs, but two fairly similar bald spots on the front of my lower legs. This is a cause of embarrassment because it is very obvious since the rest of my legs have dair, thick hair. I'm resorted to trimming the rest of the hair so it is less noticeable, but I'm wondering if there is treatment available? I'm active (runner and yogi) and in good shape with a relatively good diet. Any ideas?

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It could be tractional alopecia

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The bilateral symmetrical pattern of hair loss on your legs suggests it could be due to some tangential traction force on the hair on the front of both shins. There is mild erythema (redness) and no scarring. The possibilities can be:

1. It could be due some specific yoga posture that you practice

2. Some specific sort of massage

The other less likely possibility is "Alopecia areata". This condition can affect any site of the body and is not seen in bilateral symmetrical manner

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