Can/should This Be Done? Bad Photoshopping, but Would Be my Dream Body. 21yo W/no Prev Pregnancies, Feel Like I Look 50? (photo)

I'm contemplating surgery, but Idk if what I'd like to have done, can be. I like the idea of fat transfer/stem-cell fat transfer. I don't like my breasts, but I feel that possibly a ubl lift/nipple reduction, lipo between the breasts for separation and a bit of fat transfer to the underside of my breasts would give me a more desirable look. I have a lot of fatty places I'd love to get rid of (stomach, knees, arms, chin/neck, flanks) and a lot of places I'd love to put that fat. Is this possible?

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Body contour issues

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Thank you for the photos. First, the narrow waist that you photoshopped chopped off your pelvic bones a bit. That can not be done. Your  breasts seem to be fuller and lifted without scars. A circumareola aug lift can be done and liposuction to enhance your abdomen and wiast probably can be done. Fat injection to the buttocks can be done but it may not get to the volume you desire.

Buttock and Breast Augmentation

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I definitely think you can get results similar to this!  You are looking at making quite a lot of changes so you will have a lot to recover from or multiple surgeries.  I think you have realistic desires for your breast and you could likely get the results you want with a periareolar lift (Benelli, doughnut lift).  You could add more shape to your hips and buttock with a Brazilian Buttock Augmentation or implants but you are looking for liposuction elsewhere so the brazilian buttock augmentation would be a great choice.  In order to add more shape to your calves, you may want to look at calf implants.  I think these changes would be great on you!  Good luck!  K. Roxanne Grawe, MD Columbus Plastic Surgeon

I would rather choose first your breasts / primero tus pechos luego lo demas

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YES I DO BBL since 8 years ago.
requirements1.-( overweight no more than 20 lbs in excess and no less than 12 lbs)  we will need enough fat to transplant
2.- staying here no more than 15 days and no less than 8 days. could be  local and sedation anesthesie but the last word has it my anesthesist 3.-any tobacco,aspirin, vit.e garlic tab any herb since 15 days prior to surgery 4.-preop lab test ok./any cardiological problem, any asthma etc
prices everything included ( anesthesie,clinic,medicines inside the  clinic, elastic  garments,scrubers, wound care , tax. consultation etc $7,000 usd. you may get more information about me 
DR NAVARRO CENTRO MEDICO DE LAS AMERICAS  MERIDA YUC MEX TEL 52-999-9273563 cell 52 9999900899 we have bilingual taxi to pick up to airport and comfortables low prices hotel near to my clinic very glad to say  hello to you  sincererly DR RAMON NAVARRO

Mastopexy augemntation 5th generatio

definetely you will need a mastopexy augmentation, please take a look at google "mastopexy augmentation 5th generation" you will surprise of benefecial points like: 1.-breast cancer prevention 2.- never fall down again 3.- better shape 4.-volume reduction 5.- any vertical or lower or periareolar scar 6.-any nipple sensibility affectation for sexuality
definitivamente ud requerira de una "mastopexia de aumento 5th generacion", ud. se sorprenderia de los beneficios chequelo en Goglee por favor
1.-previene el cancer de mama 2.- no vuelve a caer 3,. reduce el volumen y el peso con mejor forma 4.- no hay cicatriz vertical ni horizontal ni periareolar.5.-no se afecta la sensibilidad del pezon para la sexualidad

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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