How Bad is my Acne Scarring?

Hi, I am looking to get my skin treated for acne scarring. I am 42 but am now starting to look quite old and tired. I think this is partly due to the acne scarring I have had since I was a child. Please could you let me know what type of acne scars I have and whether you think an improvement could be made. Please could you state what treatment I should be looking for. I hope the photos are ok. I genuinely appreciate any advice you can offer.

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Acne Scarring and what can be done as you age

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I don't think your acne scarring is that bad from the photos. I have treated much worse. I think you need some facial rejuvenation along with treating your acne. I would approach through a multi layered approach and I can treat your facial rejuvenation and your acne scarring at the same time. I would also do co2 laser resurfacing.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Acne Treatment

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There are different kinds of acne and different kinds of acne scars.  At age 42, you are likely to beyond the age of having highly active acne.  What bothers you at this point is likely the acne scarring that has occurred.

You are not alone!  Often patients who had acne earlier in life will notice a worsening of the appearance of the skin in middle age.  As aging continues to cause the facial tissues to descend, the acne scars that are tethered to deeper tissues elongate or become deeper leading to a worsened appearance.

There are many treatment options, including:

  • scar excision
  • subcision with soft tissue filler
  • chemical peels
  • steroid injection
  • dermabrasion
  • non-ablative laser treatment
  • ablative laser treatment

As a rule, a combination of treatments produces the best result.  All of these treatments rely on stimulating collagen production.  In your particular case, I would recommend subscision with a soft tissue filler (like Radiesse), followed by non-ablative laser treatment.  This would require 3-4 treatments, but you could expect a great result!

Andrew Winkler, MD
Lone Tree Facial Plastic Surgeon

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