What can I do to reduce these lines and wrinkles and get my youth back? I'm only 26! (Photos)

I am suffering day to day with very noticeable forehead lines and 11's. I also have smile lines and it seems like my face is constantly dehydrated because my cheeks have sunken in.I moisturize. Clean my skin everyday. My skin is very oily. I have had 2 co2 laser sessions. I have had restylane subq (2ml) 2 months ago and I do not see any change, Had botox in forehead and worked for about a month max. Do i need a heavier dose? Where do I go from here to plump my skin? Is there creams/diet/test?

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More Isn't Always Better!

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Indeed you have tried a few options that might have worked in other circumstances for other people with your skin type. Often, when one treatment alone is not giving the desired results, then a combination of treatments ( ie,laser, medical-grade products, Botox) are what we would suggest.  If skin laxity has not improved with revitalization with chemical peels or sub-ablative laser treatments, then a surgical consultation might be indicated.

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Dear Vc0490,For your forehead crease, you seem to have strong frontalis/forehead muscle which will need stronger dose of botox, but this should still be done very carefully since you already show some signs of drooping brows and eyelids as well. You also have prominent frown lines. An alternative treatment will be by surgery (forehead lift with frontalis muscle resection and corrugator muscle resection) to correct both the forehead and the frown lines. 

Somyos Kunachak, MD
Thailand Facial Plastic Surgeon
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