Laser Treatment for Scars After Arm Lift?

Unfortunately, my brachioplasty scars immediately "migrated" post-op to mid center down the back of each arm. They're very visible even a year post-op. Is there any laser treatment that would help?

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Prominent or noticeable scars from brachioplasty or thigh lift.

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This is probably the major complaint with this procedure or thigh lift procedures. Red scars may be treated with certain lasers or IPL therapy. Wide scars generally do not respond and may benefit from scar revision.

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Brachioplasty scars

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Can you describe your scars more - i.e. are they red, raised, widened, depressed, nodular, etc. Lasers, because of their variety of wavelengths have different effects on scars. Some can lighten the redness; some can help with hypertrophic scars, etc. Regardless, unfortunately, they can't erase the scars but only make them a little less obtrusive, but they will always be there. Did you discuss this with your plastic surgeon? A second opinion is often helpful if you are still unsure as to what can be done.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
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