Is my arm getting better? What do you think about Vacuum therapy and/or skin graft for me at this point? (photos)

A month ago I underwent minor surgery to remove a benign mole in my arm. The surgeon mistook the anesthesia vial with a formol one, and injected me the latter. I felt great pain and burning and lost sensitivity. A few days after, the arm was looking worse, so the surgeon decided to do a "surgical toilette" which generated a "pit in the flesh". Now I'm getting two healings a day to clean and prevent infections. Once the wound gets stabilized. he would see VAC or skin grafts. What do you think?.

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Thank you for the question, and so sorry to hear about the wound and what you must have went through.  The wound on your arm does look much better.  It does not appear to be infected, and it is starting to develop red granulation tissue.  The wound VAC will help the granulation tissue develop so that there will be a surface to place the skin graft, and it will help the wound to contract in size a bit.  Best of luck and prayers to you for your healing.

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