What Can I Take with my Antibiotics to Treat Acne?

I’ve been on antibiotics for more than a year. In the summer, I had a nice face but as the school started, I noticed A LOT of acne coming back. I changed doctors and antibiotics.

Now I’m taking Solodyn that my new doctor prescribed and some facial cleanser but the acne is still bad. So I tried eating healthier: tuna, pecans, raisins, bananas, and strawberry yogurt, drink a lot of water and still no change. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Should I start taking zinc with the antibiotics? What do you recommend? Please help?

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A few Other things

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If you are a female a birth control pill and/or spirolactone. The latter blocks the make hormone. There is also a new topical medication called Aczone and a variation on a theme Epiduo ( comination benzoyl peroxide and Differin. Another approach of course would be Accutane. South Beach diet. Nicomide which contains zinc, niacinamide, folic acid and copper would also help.

Photodynamic therapy with Blu-light if your case is still stubborn and a 1470 nm Diode laser such as Smoothbeam....again if you case is stubborn.

Thus there are many modalities available and I am sure you and your dermatologist will hit on one that works.

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