Anti Wrinkle Products Alternative to Botox?

Hi, please can you help me? I'm 31 years old, Asian, female with fine lines under eyes,  slight creepiness directly under my lower lashline, slight crows feet begining and two fairly deepish lines directly under both eyes which I can only see getting worse!

I use 50SPF, 5*UVA every day. I do not want to start Botox. Pls can you tell me of any products (price is not an huge issue as i am desperate!) how to get rid of these lines and prevent further lining in this area, this is ruining my life!

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Skin resurfacing may help

Botox would not be helpful for what you are describing, with the exception of the crow's feet. Assuming there is not excess skin requiring eyelid surgery, fine lines can be helped by resurfacing the skin. In this area, this can be accomplished with a chemical or laser.

A board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist can tell you more about it.

Good luck!

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