What Is Your Opinion of Anti Aging Creams? Are They Necessary or Is Moisturizer Enough?

What can i use to even skin tone on my face/ erase or minimize age spots/ minimize/reduce fine lines, minimize pores, have a youthful skin?---do anti aging creams live up to their promises? I've read some articles saying that some anti aging creams actually have reverse effects , meaning will actually make you age faster, and some even have harmful chemicals. Does it mean its better not to use anti aging creams at all? Is face moisturizer enough or it is best to use anti aging creams which promise to fight 7 signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, etc?


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RetinA Cream, Good Moisturizer and Sunscreen Great Combination for Anti-Aging

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Topical Vitamin A cream (ie. RetinA) is excellent for the skin in terms of improving fine lines, pores, texture irregularities, uneven tone, acne (blackheads/whiteheads), sun damage and discoloration.  The key to using RetinA is allowing your skin to get used to it as it can be very drying.  It should be used with a good moisturizer (non-comedogenic) to hydrate and protect the skin.  In general, hydrating the skin with a moisturizer will keep it healthy, vibrant and smooth, while helping to reduce fine lines and puffiness related to the dryness. In addition to these two products, a good sunscreen is the third essential key to anti-aging.  You can speak with your dermatologist about the right topical Vitamin A, moisturizing and sunscreen products for your skin.  

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