Is Aloe Vera a Good Moisturizer?

I am using aloe vera, directly from the plant to moisturize my face, because I am using 10% Benzoyl peroxide to treat my acne. Do you think aloe vera is ok to avoid the side effects from BP? Thanks

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Elevase Moisture Booster and benzoyl peroxide

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Patients using benzoyl peroxide products often have dry skin. We advise these patients to use Elevase Moisture Booster with ceramides to help improve the moisture barrier function of the skin. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
Los Angeles

Is Aloe Vera a good moisturizer

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Aloe vera isn't all that great because it's not absorbed well into the skin and can leave you shiny and sticky. A better moisturizer is something like Lubriderm, Cetaphil, or Cera Ve. If you have extremely dry areas you can also apply hydrocortisone 1% available from any pharmacy over the counter. Make sure you are applying any type of moisturizer after cool water on the skin first, as it helps break the barrier and allow the moisturizer to penetrate much better into the skin's layers.

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