Is Verju cellulite laser treatment effective and safe on areas where you've had liposuction?

I had liposuction on my thighs in 2011 and two follow-on touch up procedures in the same area. The lipo caused horrible cellulite and some bulgy fat areas on my outer thighs. I can't find much literature on Verju, let alone any literature on whether it's effective on cellulite caused by liposuction. Will it reduce the cellulite and some of the disfigurement and bulges caused by tumescent liposuction?

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Verju after liposuction

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The Verju laser is designed for painlessly removing fat. The 532nm green laser light targets fat cells and causes a pore (hole) to develop in the cell. The fat pours out of the hole. The fat cell recovers. The fat must now be dispersed and removed. Natural metabolism can be enhanced by exercise and drinking adequate amounts of water, avoiding carbs and massaging the area. It is helps liposuction if it is used immediately before the procedure, but has not been specifically tested on post liposuction scarring.

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