I have a lot of dark spots and acne spots on my face. I used x-out and a lot of other medications but nothing is working.

I also have a big dark area around my cheek near my lips because I accidentally put bait on my face. How can I lighten that up

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Dark spots and acne

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There are several products that will correct both blemishes and the resultant hyperpigmentation, such as azeleic acid. I also really like the clear and brilliant laser to correct acne, pore size and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Little to no down time.

Columbus Dermatologic Surgeon

Acne and dark spots

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A new treatment called Forever Clear BBL using the Sciton system is proving to be very effective in combating acne in all skin types. It utilizes broad band light administered to the skin in controlled depths to address multiple levels- the surface, midlevel, and the deeper layers of the skin. This approach kills the bacteria that causes acne on multiple levels so it decreases the chance of the bacteria surviving to cause repeated flare ups. A perk of using the Forever Clear BBL protocol is that it also addresses the red spots ( hyperpigmentation) caused by the inflammation from the acne lesions. Not only will it help fade these spots, it can treat brown spots and will stimulate collagen production which results in firmer skin and smaller looking pores.You will need a series of treatments about a week apart. Your provider will need to look at your skin and take a medical history in order to estimate how many treatments will probably be needed to give the best results.Good luck with your skin. There are many options so don't give up! The above treatment is a great choice and has helped many people who have tried other methods without success.

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