What Age Should I Start Using Anti-aging Products?

I'm 24 year old but look like a 27! My skin seems so loose and I like to make it tighter.Is it ok for me to start age reversing product like Exuviance Line products now?

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Anti-aging skincare

Congratulations on recognizing the need to begin taking better care of your skin now versus later when the signs of aging are more apparent.  Your best approach is to begin by protecting your skin from elements such as the sun, smoking, and any activity that could dehydrate your skin.  You do not have to spend enormous amounts of money to have beautiful skin.  You need to cleanse your skin morning and night followed by exfoliation with Retin-A and/or an acid based product such as Glycolic acid 15%-20%.  These products should be pharmaceutical grade meaning you should only be able to purchase them from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  Anything that you can buy over-the counter (i.e, retail store) is not going to be as effective.  After applying the exfoliation product you need to apply a moisturizer morning and night and in the morning finish by applying a sunscreen with a minimum 30 SPF.  If you follow this regimen you will start to have skin that is more toned and beautiful. 

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Anti Aging products

Many products that are anti-aging are also excellent skin care creams to enhance the appearance of your skin. So, any age after 21 years is an appropriate time to start to discuss these options with your dermatologist. Sunscreen is the simplest "form" of anti-aging treatment that should be part of every skin care regimen and, depending upon the ingredients,  sunscreen may be used in children 3 years of age and older.

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