Is It Possible To Have Tummy Tuck, Lipo of the Flanks, and BBL in Same Surgery? (Photos)

Lost 80 lbs by exercise and am having a tummy tuck, lipo in the back, and a bbl on 10/26/11. my DR says it is ok to go on with this but i do want to heal properly with the best results.even though i am 28, 203 lbs i work out 5 times a week and jog i dnt look it and im very solid and am at a stand still n have been for a year now and i am VERY HAPPY with my size 12. what is your opinion on this lower body lift minus my thighs all at once ?

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Loose skin after massive weight loss

If you have 2 or more surgeons working on you at the same time as is typical in Brazil I do not think that would be an issue. I personally like to work alone and would not be willing to do all of that in one sitting. The key factor is safety and how long you will need to be on the operating table to complete the procedures without having the surgeon rush through the procedures.

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Bodylift After Massive Weight Loss

You should be extremely pleased with your successful weight loss and commitment to a healthy athletic life style.  The body lift and breast lift will go a long ways towards revealing the changes that you have earned by your discipline and hard work.  These are procedures that can be safely combined in the right circumstances.  It is important that you be in good nutritional status and good general health.  The procedure should take no more than five to six hours.  If your experienced and board certified surgeon estimates a longer operative time, then it might be wise to have this in two stages.

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Multiple Procedures

Based on your pictures, you look to be a good candidate for surgery.  My suggestion would be to do the tummy tuck, flank and lower back lipo first and give yourself plenty of time to heal prior to doing any more procedures.


Good Luck.

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