Cystic Acne Treatment That Provides Faster Result?

I've been experiencing adult cystic acne for the last 18 months, and I'm positive it is due to my hormones. I'm getting married in a month and would love to have clear skin. Any suggestions on what I should do in order to take care of this problem?

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Various Measures

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A month is too short of time to truly cure acne. However, one trick many dermatologists use before a big event such as a wedding, beauty pageant, prom, etc. is to give a 2-3 day course of low dose oral cortisone. It is a strong anti-inflammatory and does a really nice job.
Another piece of advice would be to avoid a Retinoid at this time. Although an evaluation of the literature in the September 2009 issue of Journal of Drugs in Dermatology*, cast doubt on the concept that Retinoids flare being more of an irritant response in some people than a true flare, I, nonetheless would recommend avoiding a Retinoid so close to the wedding.
If you have no other complicating factor, an oral contraceptive such as Yaz with its Drosperinone ( an anti-androgen) should help. Other standard acne treatment such as an oral antibiotic (Solodyn or Doryx), aczone, and combination clindamycin-benzoyl peroxide ( Benzaclin, Duac) would be of value.
Again, congratulations and good luck.
* Dr. Schlessinger, a valued contributor on this site, is quoted extensively in this paper.

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