Aczone and Dry Skin Can I Moisturize First?

I have been using aczone gel 5% for the last 2 years.but for the last 2 months its been making my skin dry.I started using a non comedogenic moisturizer 15 minutes after the aczone gel dry's but my skin is still very dry so dry it has made some small wrinkles on my face and made a few other wrinkles I already had bigger.Anyway I want to know if I apply the moisturizer first then the aczone on top if this would help with the dryness and would it lessen the affects of the aczone?

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Combining Aczone With A Moisturizer

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I usually tell my patients to apply the active, in this case Aczone, first and the moisturizer over it.  However, if you are doing that already and the dryness persists, then you can apply the moisturizer first and then wait a few minutes and apply the Aczone over it.  The Aczone will still be effective and you will minimize the dryness. 

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Aczone may be combined with a moisturizer.

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Dear writer, if you're experiencing dryness after aczone gel application, you may apply a thin layer of moisturizer first, and then apply the aczone. Cerave PM is a very well tolerated moisturizer, and it's available at most drug stores. You may also try using this combination every other night, and will still benefit from the effect of aczone. 

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