Is There an Acne Treatment Tailored for Active Teenage Guys?

I'm eighteen years old and I'm extremely active (I play soccer and I work with my dad in his landscaping business). I sweat a lot but I keep myself fairly clean. I have a sister who is fifteen years old and not nearly as active as I am. Whenever she breaks out, she can use one of those pads and her face will be clear the next day. I try using them and nothing happens. I'm assuming my skin is different than my sister's so is there anything for guys I can try? -Pete

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Men and Acne

You are right- your acne maybe tougher to control than your sister. Luckily, we have so many different treatments that can help. There are lots of great creams that contain topical benzoyl peroxide and anti-biotics and feel elegant on the skin. There are also medicines to make your skin less oily (the retinoids that are cousins of Vitamin A). There are also chemical peels that can help clear your acne and the oily feeling. Acne needs treatment that is personalized for YOU.

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