Topical Acne Treatment for Oily Asian Skin

I'm an Asian female, with oily skin. I have pitted acne scarring on my cheeks and I'm looking into Fraxel laser. For the time being, I'm trying to get my acne under control.
My skin looks congested, but I only have a few big pimples on my chin. Please give me some recommendation on what type of topical gel and oral antibiotics would help me. Please tell me the difference between Tazorac and Retin-A. Which one works better for my condition and is gel better than cream? I have bought a LED blue and red light for my acne treatment. Is it appropriate to use topical gel in conjunction with LED light? I want to start on oral antibiotics or antifungal for acne. Please recommend me one that is most tolerable. I heard Spironactalone helps with acne too, should I try it?

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If you are developing scarring and still have cysts I would recommend the following for your skin type: Soladyn, this is expensive but I feel the most effective oral antibiotic. I lilke Tazarac gel if you have no intention of becoming pregnant. Gels are stronger than creams but less tolerable to normal to dry skin. However, if you have oily skin this is my preferred medication. It is a retinoid like Retin A. Both work by effecting the Retinoid receptors of the skin.

I do not know much about the OTC IPL devices regarding their power, fluences etc. but most authorities feel that the red light would be better for acne (blue light for actnic keratoses).

Spirolactone would be a good drug especially if there is any hormonal irregularities, but it does have its side effects. Yaz might be used in place of but not in addition since they both cause potassium retention. If you are going to be on Spironolactone you should be on a birthcontrol pill but not Yaz.

I like Duac in the morning as a topical, but Benzaclin is also acceptable.

My results with Aczone so far have been mixed. I tend to not prescribe expensive medications without samples or coupons and I have not had samples now for four months. Thus, I do not have a lot of experience with it. One of the local dermatologists was absolutely raving about it. He proclaimed that he had tons of patients with good results. But being the skeptic that I am, I wondered since Aczone was only out 2 weeks at the time: how would he have follow up? Also, he tends to speak locally praising the drug he lectures on and I get this feeling Allergan might have signed him up.

Go on the South Beach Diet and take daily Zinc 25 mg. a day.

Anti-fungals have no place in acne treatment unless your dermatologist feels you might have M. Furfura mixed in with your acne.

Not particularly enthused by Fraxel for acne patients. They used it extensively at another office where I saw patients and the results while excellent in some, were disappointing in most.

Hoep I have answered your questions.

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