Treatment for Wrinkling in Between Eyebrows Due to Acne Scars?

I have very slight wrinkling in between my eyebrows, not necessarily from facial animation, but from having scars from acne (created some small pits) now the skin has folded there.

What is the best treatment to lessen this effect? It's the only area I have with any wrinkling, and it's making me crazy.

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Wrinkling in between eyebrows due to acne

In general, there are four available treatments for this problem:

1. Botox injection to minimize muscle action which causes folding of skin in this area.

2. Filler injections to smoothen and fill a depression.

3. Scar revision to remove a depressed scar and replace it with a flat scar.

4. Laser skin resurfacing or dermabrassion to flatten the scar.

The choice of treatment/treatments depends on your particular anatomy. You should consult a facial plastic surgeon to review your options.

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