Sun Protection for Asian Skin?

My daughter is Asian and has beautiful skin. I put Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby SPF 60 on her several times a day, but she is still getting quite a tan.

I use a lot, and put it on 30 minutes before we go outside. I asked an Asian friend, and she said sunscreen doesn't seem to work for her, either. Any suggestions?

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You are doing everything right.

Thank you for your question.

You are doing everything right and your sunscreen should be appropriate. Just make sure to reapply the sunscreen every 1-2 hours to ensure maximum protection. Also, please practice sun avoidance and have your child wear protective clothing - hats, etc. If you would like to try other sunscreens, try ones with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. If you are looking for child specific formulas, Aveeno, Blue Lizard, and Bullfrog are great choices.

Hope this helps!

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