Fat Removal in Highly Obese Patients Using SmartLipo MPX?

For highly obese patients, what is the maximum amount of fat that can be safely extracted with SmartLipo MPX?

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Patients with obesity wanting liposuction

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Smart liposuction can help a variety of patients. Without seeing you in person, It is difficult to formulate a true idea on what you look like, her is a general idea regarding this procedure. Although it may not make you "skinny", it will help tremendously with your waistline circumference. This is not in pounds, it is inches off of your belt line. The laxity that you may have, depending on your age, will vary due to collagen production. This causes the area to tighten with time. Some patients best option is to have a tummy tuck due to the results that you would obtain. You must consider this carefully, as this is an invasive surgery under general anesthesia. I hope this helps a little.

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction NOT recommended for Morbid Obesity

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#Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure (though you do lose weight). In your case you might want to consider a hybrid approach - lose weight by diet and exercise and when you get to a point where it doesn't seem to want to come off more then consider this procedure. Obesity carries added risk with surgery. In California only 5000 cc (about 11 pounds) can be removed as an outpatient. If you do not change your lifestyle it is likely to come back. Only see a board certified plastic surgeon for the best result and for safety.

Weight loss liposuction

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liposuction is for contour changes and not weight loss.  excessive volume reduction results in huge fliud shifts post operatively and requires resussitation with fluids and multiple days in hospital=expensive

David J. Goodkind, MD
New Haven Plastic Surgeon

The maximum recommended amount of fat aspirated is 5 liters or 10 pounds during any type of liposuction procedure.

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The maximum recommended amount of fat aspirated is 5 liters or 10 pounds during any type of liposuction procedure. Liposculpture is a shaping procedure and not a weight loss procedure.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist

Liposuction Not a Good Option if You are Obese

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Liposuction of any type is not a good substitute for weight loss. If you are significantly over your ideal body weight there are many downsides to liposuction such as skin irregularity, bleeding, fluid collections, and a poor cosmetic result.

SmartLipo MPX is a great tool, but selecting patients for the laser treatment is very similiar to selecting patients for any other type of lipo.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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