What Are the Signs of Skin Necrosis After Plastic Surgery?

How do you know when the skin at the incision site is dying? How long should a doctor wait to see if it will 'pink up'? I am a little over 2 weeks out of breast reduction and the skin is jet black in several places and there is also pus present where the skin seems to be separating from the other side of the incision where the vertical scar meets the under the breast scar - where there is the most tension on the skin.

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Breast Reduction Skin Necrosis

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Sounds like you have skin necrosis. At two weeks if it looks completely black then it is not going to come back. But as long as the eschar(black area) is clean and dry an dnot infected then in general we like to keep that on the skin because it acts as a biologic dressing. Now if you have pus coming out, and if really is pus then it should likely be unroofed and take off.

Good luck.

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