Treatments to Help Prevent Under Eye Wrinkles While Young?

I am a 25 year old male and am starting to get lines under and around my eyes, especially my right eye. They start under my eye and run down onto the cheek bone.

They are not really bad yet but I can see how they will become when I am in my thirties. What treatment is best to make them stop and go away? Currently I am using Retin-A .01% around my eyes.

Can Botox be used under my eye? Should I have a peel? Thanks in advance.

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Botox and Retin A are key to maintaining the lower eyelid

Great question. In double blinded prospective randomized controlled studies, Retin A produces a visible reduction in lower eyelid rhytids and wrinkles after 6 months of regular use. Very few treatments have such compelling results. I tend to recommend this after age 25 with very good skincare and sunblock. Botox can also be very helpful (although off-label). There have been some interesting studies looking at identical twins. Bottom line- it works. Best Regards, Dr. Todd Hobgood.

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Botox may be used to treat undereye wrinkles.

If the lines worsen with smiling Botox may help soften the appearance of these lines by diminishing the underlying muscle activity. There are multiple other options including the use of chemical peels and laser treatments. Unfortunately if they are associated with smiling, it is likely that they will recur.


You should also avoid smoking, tanning and use a strong spf. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Avoid smoking, use sunscreens, IPL

Retin A is not a bad idea. I would also add something with green tea, CoffeeBerry, Vita C and E, or niacinamide. Be sure to use a sunscreen and do find one that does not bother you in this sensitive area.

Periodic treatment with an IPL for skin rejuvenation using the 570-950 wavelengths would be of benefit. Be sure your eyes are adequately protected.
Of course sunscreens and sunglasses should be worn to protect against photodamage. Smoking also has been shown to hasten wrinkles under the eyes, probably due to direct affect of nicotine and the constriction of blood vessels.

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