Is PIH from Fraxel CO2 Laser Permanent?

Can someone please tell me the truth about post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? I had fraxel co2 laser 12 months ago and still have PIH. Topical treatments have not worked and I have seen little improvement in these splotches.

Is this permanant or what is the real average time for its resolution?

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PIH (Post Inflamatory Hyperpigmentation) after laser is usually temporary

Usually any hyperpigmentation after laser treatment is temporary and resolves with topicals. However, it can be long lasting, particularly in darker skin individuals. When it remains, a promising new laser is the 1927nm portion of the new Fraxel Dual. I have seen great pigment clearance (from company pictures) in melasma patients. I will soon post my own patients (just received the laser - one of the first in the country). Other lasers to consider are a 1064nm laser or maybe an IPL.

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Fraxel repair and PIH


Usually PIH improves over a 12 month period.  You should consult with a well qualified cosmetic dermatologist to see what your best treatment options are at this time.  Sun protection and avoidance are essential.

I hope that your PIH responds well in the near future.

Good luck and be well.

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