Should I See a Hormone Specialist About my Extremely Oily Skin?

I must produce more Androgen hormones than any other 36-year-old woman on the planet, because I have extremely oily skin! It seems it has worsened as I age. When I wear makeup, it smudges off after an hour and is just a big mess, so I rarely wear it now, which does not complement my looks. I have tried recommended makeup. This is a very embarrassing flaw and I am in serious need of medical advice.

Should I see a hormone specialist? Please help!

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Extremely Oily Skin Can Be Treated

It is not an unusual problem. You need to see a dermatologist before an endocrinologist. Once you start skin care regimen to control the oily skin, you will see the difference. If it fails then you can explore other avenues.


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Evaluated First

Might be putting the horse before the cart here.

I suggest a dermatologist evaluate you first. If your problem is limited to oily skin, then you should be placed on a regimen to control this problem. It is true that hormones, play a key role in causing oily skin, but I doubt whether the average endocrinologist can give you all that much skin care advice.

If your oily skin is accompanied by other signs of androgen excess such as hirsutism, hair loss, deepened voice, then the dermatologist can either treat you or refer you onto an endocrinologist.

Saving more thorough advice for another question. Let me just say that I think you need a good, soap free cleanser; a toner; a clay masque to absorb the oil; and a Retinoid in a gel formulation. Although I do not utilize Accutane for oily skin per se, it might be acceptable in a female of non-childbearing potential. There is also some work in Japan using a topical version of Spirolactone, an androgen (male hormone) blocker.

I am reluctant to endorse names but since, unlike celebrities I am not getting paid here, I do like some of the Neo-Strata products, especially their Exuviance line and OC 8. There are many, many other fine products for oily skin on the market.

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